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1. Introduction Master Mak Kwai-Pui. Asia’s oriental pearl former Head chef and director at the Four Seasons Hotel, Lung King Heen Hong Kong has taken Asia by storm. Arguably the ‘most remarkable’ Michelin chef in Cantonese Dim Sum with a solid culinary history of four decades, started learning from his uncle at age of 15 years old. His international dim sum chain “Tim Ho Wan” has been making waves throughout the food-haven city; Hong Kong and also affecting the rest of Asian countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippines. His undoubtedly talent once turned his ex-elite store Lung King Heen to a Michelin three-star restaurant in 2010 under the unprecedented move of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong & Macau 2010. It was then named as…show more content…
So to train and nurture local chain chefs to match up Tim Ho Wan hong kong and standardize dim sum consistency between the two countries. Making sure the restaurants serve the store’s Michelin gourmand quality and freshness for their order winning and qualifiers strategy formulation. Mak is not a typical all traditional chef but with a modern edge embracing innovation to running his business; like the ecstatic city Hong Kong. He would encourage his chefs to take up constant product innovation by creating new decadent recipes to attract the general public at the local Tim Ho Wan stores in…show more content…
I was lucky to interview the restaurant’s manager at it’s second branch opened in Toa Payoh Lorong 6 Hersing Building, Mr Daniel. He said, their “food freshness” strategy consists of using only the fresh ingredients and make to cook after an order is being made principle. He stressed, they do not pre-cooked or reheat dim sum to serve customers, as it will lose it’s flavour. Perishables like pig livers and fresh pork meat are ordered locally and fresh-made everyday in the stores kitchen. Flour; the most important element for Tim’s dim sum is imported from hong kong. He also reassured the dim sums standard made at the local branches are near to their home-grown Michelin star standard back in hong kong branch. As Master Mak would often fly over or to ask local chefs to go over hong kong to learn the craft. I then asked what’s the dim sum trend and yet to maintain a good stock inventory? He replied, “the locals prefer dim sum that are fried, especially the young customers has been becoming a trend here in the local dim sum scene. And they will prepare advance ingredients according to the store and location

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