Master Narrative Of American History Takaki Summary

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The reason why Takaki tells us the story of his interaction with the taxi cab driver is because the driver assumed since he was not white, that he was not American. It showed him that his taxicab driver lacked knowledge of past history and basically judged a book by its cover. When Takaki’s talks about “look American” he is referring to white people in America. At the time, America was made up mostly of white people so when they see someone who does not have that skin color, they automatically assume they are foreigners. Takaki mentions the creation of our nation and how “American has been defined as white”. When the authors talks about “different mirror” he is talking about our nation, America. We all come from different backgrounds and different cultures and he wants the audience to know that our county was settled by “the people of all nations”. And it doesn 't matter where you came from, we all came together to form this nation. America was built on the diversity of people coming from all over the world, making it the best country in the world. Democracy is a form of government where the people have…show more content…
It states this country was settled by European immigrants and white Americans. The father of the Master Narrative is Frederick Jackson Turner. He was a famous American historian who influenced many people with his theories and beliefs. Fredrick Jackson Turner made a big impact in the 20th century. He is known for his famous essay, "The Significance of the Frontier in American History”. In this essay, he talks about a thesis which he calls the frontier thesis or turner thesis. He stated that going west with the frontier developed the democracy. The ending of the frontier brought together people from all over the world. Therefore, it is not the end but is the beginning of a new era as Americans. Yes, there were other frontiers and they were Ireland and
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