Master Of The Marble Madonna Essay

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The Master of the Marble Madonnas was an Italian artist who remained unidentified through his years. Art historians have prompted that the artist was a group of talented sculptors rather than one individual. The Madonna was known for his works and various impressions of the Virgin and the Child. In this depiction, the artist demonstrates the biblical subject matter through element of the Italian Renaissance. He showcases perspective, the movement of light and drastic facial expressions. To analyse this piece, the understanding of the subject matter is fundamental. The Virgin and the Child is a representation of Mother Mary and her child baby Jesus. This artwork was recognized as an altarpiece. Italy was one of the major cities in the Christian…show more content…
The darker tone of the beige hue authenticates weight. It can be highlighted within the embroidery and along the features of the hair. The notion of light tone is associated with the clothing, angles and their skin. The overall three dimensional sculpture articulates a form of balance. The curvatures and value of detail imitate realistic features, and the flat blue background attempts to give definition with the subject. The medium of marble saturates opaque and lacks movement. The tone of the sculpture remains consistent as if the artist attempted for a soft, perfect finish. Marble art was considered as difficult task with the use of standard tools. Stone art and its tools have evolved along with technology. Works in the Italian Renaissance took a long period to complete. Clarity is shown as absolute with the details in each of the sections. The Virgin and the Child by The Master of Marble Madonnas is a sculpture that narrates a biblical tale in the style of Italian Renaissance. Throughout the sculpture, the artist portrays a symbol of Italy and its culture, The theme depicted by carving technique develops the mood and narrative. The faith of the renaissance we see include; craving of stone, the inclusion of secular symbols to display
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