Mastery Task: The Adams Administration

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Ch. 8 Task Rotation The Adams Administration 1. Mastery Task: For this mastery task, you are going to sequence the following events by placing them in chronological order. Treaty with France 5 XYZ Affair 2 Jay’s Treaty 1 Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions 4 Alien and Sedition Acts 3 2. Understanding Task: In this Understanding Task you are going to summarize the important events surrounding the XYZ affair. Make sure to write at least 5 sentences in your response. • When Adams became president, the dispute with France carried over. The French looked at Jay’s Treaty as an American attempt to help the British in the war with France. To punish the U.S., the French took American ships that carried cargo to Brittan. During the fall of 1797, Adams sent a delegation to France with the hopes to end the dispute. The French foreign master wouldn’t meet with the Americans and instead demanded a bribe and loan from the Americans. Adams was furious and referred to three French agents as X, Y, and Z & then urged congress to prepare for the war. 3.…show more content…
Self Expressive Task: In this Self Expressive task, you are going to think metaphorically about the Alien and Sedition Acts from two different points of reference. Read about the Alien and Sedition Acts on page 269 and 270. Explain how they both helped and hurt our country. Answers need to be at least 3 sentences. • The Alien and Sedition Acts helped our country by removing people who may be harmful to the development of our country. They could also be working against us giving information about what’s going on in our country to other countries potentially endangering us. However, it may have also harmed our country economically. Sending them back may leave us with even less money than we already don’t
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