Masturbation: A Textual Analysis

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Masturbation: the stimulation or manipulation of one 's own genitals, especially to orgasm; sexual self-gratification (Masturbation). 4000 years ago in China women were allowed to masturbate but men were not allowed because it was considered a waste of energy (deep). Masturbation is fun when you do it right. Some people have rules for when they masturbate, I am one of those lucky people. I broke a very big rule by masturbating with out permission.

Why did I masturbate without permission? One could say i did it out of boredom or that it was a spur of the moment decision or maybe even because I am jealous of Pokemon Go, but really I did it because I missed daddy and he does not like to give me attention when he plays games! I start to feel
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I felt lonely. I really wanted daddy 's attention. I knew it was a bit extreme, but i felt like he would not have paid attention to me any other way. I was upset and angry. I thought he cared more about the game then he did me, now I guess I know that is not true.

How do i feel about everything now? I regret it. I regret it because I pissed my daddy off and then he got mad, raised his voice and made me cry.

What are my plans to keep it from happening again? I plan on telling daddy and talking to him when I start feeling horny. I do not want a repeat of this situation, especially knowing the repercussions and how mad daddy got.

I am very sorry that I masturbated without daddy 's permission. It will not happen again because I have learned my lesson. I do not want to piss my daddy off anymore than I already have because I am very good at that. Daddy is too good to me, and I do not deserve him or his patience. I need to learn how to control myself, which I have been pretty good at.

In summary, I only did this because I was lonely and wanted daddy 's attention. It will not happen again because I will talk to daddy and tell him everything, and I don 't want to be punished. I truly am
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