Mat 540 Week 4 Assignment

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Ashley has been extending her knowledge of math this year. She is continuing to work on concepts above grade level. Her facts are becoming faster and she is applying them in a variety of ways. She is feeling more and more confident in her skills and is always eager to learn more. During the last 50 hours, Ashley has been working on learning the division facts and has learned to multiply 2 and 3 digit numbers by 1 digit with all combinations of regrouping. In both these areas she has built fluency. She moves through problems quickly with very few errors. The third grade standard is to be able to multiply and divide within 100. Ashley is currently multiplying within 1000. She is dividing with the facts within 100. She is dividing within 1000 with concrete models. We will soon be moving away from these and into the process of long division.…show more content…
Often, she does not need to refer to the chart, but she does ask for it when she gets stuck. We are continuing to practice the facts in a variety of ways. Ashley is more and more accurate with fact retrieval. This year, Ashley seems to be getting less math homework. Since I am not regularly seeing what she is working on, we have not been able to do much direct application to what is going on in the classroom. She does try to fill me in on what they are working on and has so far seemed comfortable with what the class is doing. We have also been working on building Ashley’s vocabulary. In order to add new vocabulary in context, I have been reading Ashley high interest books with challenging vocabulary. We discuss the story and new words and review both content and language as we go. Ashley has been using more advanced vocabulary during our discussions. If there are specific vocabulary words that the class is focussing on, we can work on those as

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