Match Point Sociology

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Match Point is a dark drama that fixates itself on a plethora of ethical issues concerning the main male character. The movie dives deep into romantic relationships as Chris Wilton dabbles in many issues that include infidelity and murder with women he is romantically involved with.
Chris is posed as a tennis instructor who befriends one of his students and later starts dating his sister, Chloe Hewett. At the time, he meets Nola Rice, who is Tom Hewett’s fiancée. The Hewett family that Chris is marrying into happens to be very wealthy and well connected. Chris has no problem gaining the trust of the family while he starts working at a better career with his father in law. Meanwhile, Chris starts an obsession with Nola and pursues her even further after her relationship ends with his brother-in-law. Once he finally grasps Nola, he leads her on a fruitless relationship as his mistress.
Chris is a character that has no bounds, no sense of morals or any ethics about himself. While his relationship with Nola blooms, his wife is struggling to conceive a child and start a family with him. He does not lead any support to his wife throughout the movie and has no problem cheating on her. The relationships that Chris has with the two women are very different. He is infatuated with Nola, he loves spending time with her but does not ever
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However, her character falls for Chris and his incessant and passionate pursue. Eventually she winds up pregnant with his child and tries to leverage that to pressure him start a family with her. To her dismay, Nola starts coercing him to let his wife know and work out a steady situation for the health of their future child. Chris leads her on for months and keeps her limbo while his wife lets go of her desire for a child and starts attempting to enjoy life with him
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