Match Point Symbolism

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The seventh rule in the Ten Commandment in Christianity quotes that Thou shall not commit adultery from the Bible explains that the act of adultery is given a poor and immoral outlook by society, as it is known that having an affair is a sinful act, during a couple’s unity. However, it is well known that man and woman still commit this immoral act. Provided that, the movie "Match Point" directed by Woody Allen, conveys an overall message that one 's greed results in their unfortunate outcome. It is evident through Chris Wilton 's actions that he constantly wants more in life. Nonetheless, one is restricted from living a peaceful life as he or she tries to devote time to fulfill his desires. Thus, the movie "Match Point" is a symbolic…show more content…
For instance, when Chris attends Tom Hewett residence, he lays his eyes upon Nola and asks her "so tell me, what 's a beautiful young American ping-pong player doing here mingling among the British upper class?" (Allen) In other words, Chris shows an interest in another attractive woman knowing that he is dating Chloe and shares an interest in getting married to her. The significance of this part is that his hunger for lust, foreshadows an affair between Lola and Chris, which illustrates the beginning of his moral downfall. Conversely, if not for his flaw, Chris would never been attracted to Nola, thus preventing him from having a relationship with her and impulsive decisions. Another situation, where Chris 's hamartia plays a role in his moral downfall, is when he comes to a conclusion that living a life with Chloe would best benefit him, since she is wealthy and loves him dearly. Thus, his everlasting greed endeavors him to gamble his lavish lifestyle with Chloe over his love life with Nola, thinking that happiness can only be bought with money. In addition, the amount of agony Chris suffers on a daily basis, is much worse if he was to die; since he is unable to look at his baby with joy, yet acknowledges that he must live the rest of his life with
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