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Discover the best 10 matcha sweets in the gourmet paradise, Kamakura. If you come across a chance to visit Kamakura in Kanagawa prefecture, that would be great news for you. Anyone knows numerous well-preserved remnants of temples and shrines are worth visiting in the historical city. In fact, a Kamakura journey is more than just sightseeing because it is also a gourmet paradise for you to explore. In particular, matcha (specially grown and processed green tea powder) dessert is one of the most popular and signature delicacies in Kamakura. Not only local Japanese but visitors from overseas are attracted to such a palatable Japanese sweet which is presented in various forms and ingredient combinations. Wanna know exactly where to savor those delicious matcha sweets? Let’s take a look at the best recommendations in Kamakura. 1. Uji Matcha Tiramisu from “Momiji Cha-ya" Tiramisu is such a popular classic dessert originated from Europe. Whereas Japanese people are so clever to add its local ingredient matcha into tiramisu, which becomes an incredibly amazing sweets unique to Kamakura, called Uji matcha tiramisu.…show more content…
Don’t miss the classic dessert set, Uji matcha tiramisu comes with a cup of green tea. The Matcha tiramisu is presented in a square wooden box which looks so tempting and dainty. Thanks to its high-quality matcha from “Morihan” (a long established and famous shop from Kyoto), the tiramisu tastes so rich and creamy, not too sweet but just perfect! Meanwhile, enjoy a cup of authentic sencha (green tea) which is an excellent companion with the tiramisu. Isn’t the classic tea set in the famed tea house a great option for your itinerary of
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