Matchbox Twenty's Song 'How Far We' Ve Come

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The world finds a way to inject twisted chaos into our lives day by day. We struggle with difficulty, we prevail against adversity, and the whole process repeats. It is a strenuous cycle and at times, the chaos is absurd and unwarranted. It hinders your progress like a dam that halts surging rapids. It does not sympathize or understand. You cannot get through because the wall is all you see. In these moments, the song “How Far We’ve Come” by Matchbox Twenty serves as the dramatic thrust I need to transcend the barrier. The song is a tribute to the past, a key that unlocks the jar of memories that I often indulge upon for energy. However, “How Far We’ve Come” is not only a tribute to the past. The song—much like its upbeat tempo—serves as a reminder that I need to break through the walls in front of me and continue onward with my life. I was twelve years old when I first heard “How Far We’ve Come.” At the time, it just another tune that I loved to listen to as I played games, imagined fantasy worlds and scribbled away on my homework. But as I grew older, I always found myself…show more content…
These assumptions were general and focused on my persona based on the song that played. To my surprise, my peers’ assessment of my personality through the song was fairly accurate: a person that believed in himself, depressed at one point in my life, determined and kept note of my progress in life. I do believe in myself because my accomplishments of the past has shown me that I can be successful through hard work. I was depressed at one point of my life, but overcoming the depression had made me more determined to succeed. And of course, like the song’s overarching message of reflection, I do like to keep in touch of my progress through life. I was also surprised that I was not stereotyped with the typical associations of people who listened to rock such as being white or doing

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