Matched By Ally Condie: Character Analysis

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Love is essential to overcoming adversity and it is the ability to cause change in yourself and others. In the book, Matched by Ally Condie, Cassia has to learn to be able to have independence and accept that she needs to break away from her society’s choices. This helps give her the confidence she needs to be with the person that she loves because she has begun to realize that she deserves to choose and that everyone else does too. Ultimately, Condie teaches us that love causes and solves problems, but those problems are the ones that you want to choose. People can find their way on their own, but other times they need a push. In the beginning, Cassia makes it very evident that she believes that the Society is as close to perfect as any society could and has gotten. She also feels that here is no need, nor reason to want to stand out, but when her grandfather and Ky express that the society is wrong through illegal objects, Cassia starts to understand. Love causes problems and feelings that you hate, but hate you are willing to feel. As the plot progresses, Cassia realizes that she loves both Xander and Ky, but she loves Xander in a different way then she loves Ky. To want to grow, you have to want the change that comes along with it. Finally, when Ky gets taken to the war (the Outer Provinces), Cassia…show more content…
This vital lesson is not just important to Cassia in Matched. This lesson can be applied to choosing who you are friends with and who you trust. It can also be applied to The Hunger Games, because in the Hunger Games, at first Katniss loves Gale, but at she learns more about Peta, she realizes that she really loves him. Finally, it can be applied to my life because when I came to the middle school, I had to choose who to trust and who to make my friends. Love is essential to overcoming adversity and it is the ability to cause change in yourself and
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