Mate Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder Case Study

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The Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder from Clever Chef is a style of coffee grinder in an old-world style with copper and wood that we really appreciate. When coffee grinders aren 't being used, they should add visual appeal to your kitchen, and we believe this grinder fits with many kitchen styles. While that 's not the most important part of the reason to choose a grinder, it should be one of the considerations. Shatter-Resistant Container The container to capture the grinds underneath is made of a clear glass, which allows you to see exactly how the grinder is performing. It also gives you more immediately storage for making a pot of coffee. This container has the capacity to hold more grinds that some other manual grinders. If you want a single…show more content…
Notes and Considerations Before Purchase There 's some discrepency among purchasers of the Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder regarding how to adjust the grind. Since it doesn 't come with directions, it can be difficult to know where the adjustment knob is located. There are detailed instructions above as well as a note from Clever Chef. If you 're not happy with the grinder, the manufacturer offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for one year. We always love when manufacturers stand behind their product with a warranty. Whether we are iffy about the construction and longevity of the grinder or not, a guarantee instantly makes us feel as if the grinder is a good choice. That 's our review of the Matte Copper Adjustable Manual Coffee Grinder. If you love a vintage-inspired grinder with the shine of copper, this is a great grinder for your counter. It 'll be sitting on the counter more often than you 'll be using it, so that should always be a consideration when purchasing. Aside from the aesthetics of the grinder, it 's easy to adjust once you learn how, and the glass container can hold a moderate amount of grinds. On the weekends, this means you 'll have grinds for an

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