Material Culture's Role In Our Social Life

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“Recent thinking in anthropology defines material culture as an ‘event’ or ‘effect’ that emerges from the performance of material things, bodies and spaces” (Kim 2017:194). Material culture shapes the way that we live today and has a huge role in our social lives. This essay will explore what material culture is, how is can be used, and how it can form and identify identities and culture. Material culture helps us understand our social life by looking at physical evidence to determine certain cultural and identity traits of individuals or groups of people in the past and present in order to interpret our own lives.

What is Material Culture?
“The human-thing relationship is complex but concrete, not mystical. People interact importantly with material things in many ways: through making things, through intertwined object biographies and human biographies, through exchange, through practical logic, and through the creation of places, times, and contexts of social action” (Robb 2013:661). Material culture let’s all of us comprehend and join in on something with just a glance. Some objects might tell a story, others may not, but it can introduce a new and widened point of view, obtaining great impact and positive effects (Chimenz 2017:S3443-s3443). A variety of shared and individual meanings can be established in specific objects within social contexts and life stages of individuals (Timur Ogut, 2017:52).
A culture relies on metaphor and symbolism for a social reality to be
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