Material Science Assignment: Thermos Fask In Everyday Life

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1. Choose an equipment, device or tool that you have used regularly in your daily life. Figure 1: Thermos flask (eBay Inc, 2015). The equipment I have used regularly in my daily life and I had chosen for the material science assignment is Thermos Flask. 2. Explain the main purpose of using the item that you have chosen. Thermos Flask, which also known as vacuum flask or thermos bottle, is the storage units which remain the ideal temperature of a beverage in which it should be consumed. It is essentially a vacuum insulated liquid storage container that retains the temperature for a long period of the content either hot or cold no matter what is the temperature of the surroundings. A thermos flask normally can keep liquid in cold up to a day (24 hours) and warm for about 8 hours. They are normally used to carry beverages like soup, tea or coffee, cool drinks and others. Due to the insulator properties of thermos flask, it benefits peoples who want to have a cool drink or hot drink anytime and anywhere without considering where to get it. For an example, a thermos flask can be used to carry a hot coffee which a student wanted to consume it on class or a cold beverage is carried and can be consumed after ones done his jogging (Shopping Tips Zone, 2014). 3. Identify the materials used for the construction of such item. Figure 2: The structure of Thermos Flask (Boyson, 2004). Thermos flasks are often made up of metal, foam or plastic, borosilicate glass with

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