Material Science Personal Statement

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Personal Statement
Riki Efendi, S.Si

Studying about material that can be useful for saving the environment is always interesting for me. I believe that with continuous research and a deeper exploration of materials can give an impressive contribution to make a greener life by minimizing of damaging the nature. Furthermore, by understanding the properties and making some improvement on materials will give us a lot of advantages and a huge relevance in today’s world. I recognize material science as a great opportunity to change the face of world’s aspects and offer many solutions in current global issues, and making a better life of so many people and nature. Related to this idea, I finished my bachelor’s final research entitled “Preparation
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I also participated on national students organizational events such as The 3rd National Congress and National Meeting Working of Ikatan Lembaga Penelitian dan Penalaran Mahasiswa Indonesia (The Unity of Indonesian Student Scientific and Analysis Organization) that I could share my ideas and opened my mind extensively by intensive discussion with another student from all entire of national universities about programs and actions for making my country better. Because of that, I decided to add my skill and ability by continuing my study higher so I can give the best contribution when I am back to my…show more content…
I have a plan to be a lecturer at the university and would be interested to complete my education up to PhD in materials-related nanotechnology. I hope that the admission committee can consider my interests and strengths to be a master degree student of Material Science and Engineering at National Chiao Tung University. I am enthusiastic about studying NCTU because of its reputation as one of the world’s leading research universities and one of the best universities in Taiwan. I have been aiming to study overseas since I was in high school. As an Indonesian, studying materials science and engineering with a variety of international students particularly attracts me, and I believe it will be a vibrant environment to study at master level. Its program also offers incredible facilities for the graduate student that show your commitment regarding the graduate student’s body. I hope that National Chiao Tung University can help me to pursue my dream through learning material science and

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