Contribution Of Karl Marx

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Introduction This assignment will be a discussion of how Karl Marx who was an atheist which meant that all his studies or thoughts were based on materialism and determinism but later on started to study things according to scientific occurrences and how he understood them on this assignment we mainly focus on Marx’s claim that he found scientific methods to study all the history of economic human societies and corporations which are the current dominant driving force of today’s economic system, Marx 's idea of alienation, economy, labour and revolution are very essential to Marx 's ideology and the corporation gives examples of how businesses influence us as human beings and our society. Corporation is a single entity that is separate from…show more content…
Marx wanted a single science to be developed in which it will include different fields of study such as psychology, chemistry, physics and sociology to form one discipline which he compared to physics he states that the main aim of his work is to develop the basic economic law of motion of modern society. Marx was perceived as he did not expect answers regarding human facts to only originate from physics or science instead he looked for sociological laws because he states that they have general socioeconomic laws which apply to human history
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