Materialism In Death Of A Salesman

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Arthur Miller’s The Death of a Salesman shows men as spare parts in the huge machinery of capitalism. They are entirely shaped by the materialistic society. Miller’s plays All My Sons, Death of a Salesman, The Crucible and A View from the Bridge exhibit the same pattern where ordinary, uncomprehending people meet with the extraordinary demands and accusations. Miller’s people live placid, meaningless lives, when unexpectedly external factor encroaches and blows its trumpet, sweeping away justice from the life of mediocrities. With regard to this if Death of a Salesman is the fusion of social and domestic aspects. DEATH OF A SALESMAN (1949) brought Miller international fame, and become one of the major achievements of modern American theatre.…show more content…
Willy Loman is an embodiment of the commercialised and mechanised life of America who cared for nothing but gold, riches, pelf and poverty. Therefore the language had to be in accordance with the thought and plot. There it can be subservient. The dialogue suggests the flavour of the seventeenth century speed without being any unpleasant, losing simplicity or strength. Willy narrates the story of Dave Shingleman, another salesman who had inspired Willy Loman to take to salesmanship. This is Willy's comment on the values of a commercial and capitalistic society. It has changed him from what he believed to be a few years ago. Previously he had respect and comradeship. But today it is all cut and dried and there is no chance for friendship. It is when all appeals have failed and when Howard, Willy's Boss has finally rejected his request for his transfer that Willy sums up man's helplessness and his exploitation at the hands of the capitalists. He says, "I put thirty years service in the firm Howard, and now I cannot pay my insurance. You cannot eat the orange and throw the peel away a man is not a piece of earth".6 It is the orange peel metaphor of Miller which has led critics to believe that Willy Loman is a social tragedy that shows man as a victim of an indifferent
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