Summary: The Influence Of Disney

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Alike other little girls, I grow up with Disney. The image of the soft Mickey toy which my parents bought me when I was three still vividly embeds in my membrane. Undeniably, Disney has a great impact on people born in the late 90s and the millennials in Vietnam. Additionally, Disney has a big influence on mass media, and mass media contributes in the development of children’s mindset; therefore, to an extent, Disney still has its dark sides that might leave negative effects on children. In my early years, Disney was my only media source. I viewed the world through their scope: Disneyland was a dream destination (as advertised), and all the princes and princesses are heroic. Parents think that Disney’s morality is a good way to educate children:…show more content…
Disney tells stories about pretty girls and princes who meet each other once and fall in love. This indirectly implants in children’s mind that appearance and materialism does matter, which might lead to vanity. For instance, the Hunchback of Notre Dame shows us that no matter how caring and kind Quasimodo is, Esmeralda and Phoebus are one couple because they are adequately good-looking. Another research has shown that in Disney classic movies, female characters are praised for their appearances (55%) and only 11% are for their abilities; however, Disney has changed their practice as in the millennial Disney movies, women are commented on their skills and abilities more (40%). (Guo 2016) In my opinion, despite the changes, children could barely realise as my niece still wants to be Elsa or Rapunzel because they are pretty. To continue, based on Disney’s massive influence on the media, there raised many controversial issues. One of them is Disney’s activism on homosexuality and LGBT support. In ‘Good Luck, Charlie’ series, a lesbian couple was introduced. The same case happened to Frozen. Even though LGBT and same-sex marriage is approved in certain countries (e.g. America) and Disney is doing a deed in spreading the message, it is argued that such content is not appropriate to show children as they are “too young to comprehend”. (Coca
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