Isolation In Fahrenheit 451 Essay

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(MIP-3) In addition, this dissociation extends to the society one lives in. (SIP-A) As a result of their cultivated, materialistic lives, characters in Bradbury’s novel are isolated from their own society. (STEWE-1) This is first noted by young Clarisse, close to the start of the novel. She states that when she people-watches, she notices that “People don’t talk about anything.” From her point of view, all people do is “name a lot of cars or clothes… and say how swell! But they all say the same things and nobody says anything different from anyone else” (Bradbury 28). In their society, no one sees their isolation or bothers to think that they could socialize differently. They’re busy with their commercialized lives- too busy to see any issues with the lives they lead. This means that the civilians are easily swayed into abiding by the laws created by their corrupt government. (STEWE-2) There is an instance where this submissive, ignorant behavior appears and displays the disconnect. While Montag is traveling on the train to visit Faber, he is trying to memorize as much of the Bible that he has clenched in his hand as he can, just in case he has to turn it in. As he is attempting to learn a verse focusing on the “lilies of the field”, an advertisement for “Denham’s Dandy Dental Detergent” is blasted over…show more content…
(BS-3) This disconnection can manifest as a distance from society. (BS-2) More significantly, materialism can create a divide between one’s conscious self and their deeper emotions. (BS-1) Most worryingly, the human need for social interaction can be covered under a blanket of commercialized goods, and altogether forgotten. (R) Perhaps all of us could do well to remember that in a world where our lives go by quickly, we should prioritize the ones close to us over insignificant items and petty flights of
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