Materialistic Desires In The Hobbit And The Lost Ark

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The statement, “What consumes your mind is what controls your life” describes a very true concept in modern day society. Materialism is a part of everyone’s life regardless of social class. Being materialistic leads an individual to express an excessive desire to care for and prize an object or idol. While materialistic desires can be beneficial, they can also have negative consequences. In the novel, The Hobbit and the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, materialistic possessions, and desires negatively impact individuals, because it results in negative alterations in behaviour, mentality, and actions of the characters. Their materialistic desires lead the characters in both the novel and the movie to be consumed by their possessions. The concept of attaining and maintaining a materialistic object sublimates the control you have over it. The greed and materialistic desires the characters exhibit in The Hobbit and The Lost Ark, represents the immorality of a strong materialistic desire. The various objects and idols they acquire consume their minds, which in turn controls their lives. The immorality of a materialistic individual portrays our modern society as a substance consumed product that is constantly being altered by the materialistic possessions.

Materialistic possessions and desires control the behaviour and mentality of an individual.
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Greater risk is associated with stealing a car than stealing, for instance, a pencil. This concept illustrates that the greater the reward, the greater the associated risk. In The Hobbit and Raiders of the Lost Ark, the object obsessive desire of the characters’ directly correlate with their associated risk. The idea of the bigger reward often consumes the characters, blinding them from the consequences of trying to satisfy that desire. In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the associated risk with the greater reward is demonstrated when Indiana Jones tries to obtain the
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