My Family Life Essay

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My parents worked really hard to let me study in an expensive private school in Taipei. I was surrounded with people who come from wealthy families. Showing off was a common thing to do in my school. As I grew up in this environment, I have become materialistic. I never thought about how I should be grateful for having everything that I already have, such as education, family, home, and a safe environment. I was never satisfied with what my parents have offered to me. Talking to my friends in school, we would complain about how our parents won’t let us buy the new iPhone, headphones, or Adidas sneakers. I was never appreciative of what my parents have already given to me. Being a Miaoxi School volunteer and spending time with the kids have…show more content…
She inspired me a lot. She told me about the chores that she has to do back home. The chores were definitely not the easy ones, like washing the plates or sweeping the floor. She said that she has to take care of a cow that is one time taller than her height. She has to pull the cow to walk in the fields. When I was her age, the only chore that I did was washing the plates. I really can’t believe how a small body like her has to go through such difficult work. When I saw her carrying three large bags, I went up to her and tried lifting one of the bags. The bag was so heavy that it would even be difficult for me to carry, so I asked if she needed any help carrying one of her bags. She told me, "this is nothing compared to the corns that I have to carry back in my home. The corns were much heavier than this bag." Her answer assured me that she was not as weak as I thought she was. Somehow, her answer also made me think that she is a stronger person than I am. It was hard to learn about all the workloads that these kids have to go through at this young age. In so many ways, the kids are a hundred times more mature, hard working, smarter, and stronger than me. Teaching and watching them learn new things made me know that they are all very talented and
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