Materialistic Success In The Old Man And The Sea

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Success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. In this novel “The Old Man and The Sea,” the main majors were success and failure. Success was shown in two different types: materialistic success (which was not there in the and spiritual success. The main character Santiago (the old man) was once a great fisherman, but no longer. Eighty days without a fish, and the parents of the small boy who helps him, Manolin, have forbidden him to work with Santiago any more. He is unlucky, they say, and the word is echoed around town. However, I personally think that Santiago is one of the most successful people spiritually, but not materially. This character achieved a goal, persevered till the end, never gave up, change all the people’s opinions gained their respect, and he didn’t complain about his poverty. Santiago was materially unsuccessful, and this could be determined by how simple his house is. This simplicity can be shown by Santiago not even owning a real pillow, he usually rolls the newspapers to use as a pillow. “He was shivering with the morning cold. But he knew he would shiver himself warm and that soon he would be rowing,” (Page 16). This quotation shows how Santiago is materially failure but spiritually successful. Santiago faces lots of obstacles and pain in his life, but he doesn’t stop achieving his goal. Even when he was facing death (by getting hungry, thirsty, and cold), he simply keeps trying, and never gave up. He doesn’t complain, he doesn’t feel sorry

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