Materiality In Contextual Design

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Choice of Materiality on Contextual Design

Nature also affects architectural design in a way that the natural material it provides has been very popular among designers not only to fit in with the context, but also to achieve sustainability in the design.

Materiality has been very influential in architectural design where designers normally play with different use of materials in order to make a design interesting. The subject of material has been the foundation of architecture where every design is non- seperable from the usage of materials; and yet, applying the suitable material based on different design philosophy and approach is rather important on an architectural design.

According to Frank Lloyd Wright, materiality is one of the most significant design elements to be taken into considerations when designing ‘organic architecture’, same applies to contextual architecture. In oder for a building design to be relatively contextual, one of the easiest way to achieve the goal is by playing with the choice of materiality applied on the design. In order for a design to be in relation with the surrounding context, normally designers chooses materials which their nature are similar to its’ surroundng environment, where the tonal value of the material itself helps the building design to fit and blends in subtly with the surrounding context.

The design of Belum Rainforest Resort make use of the choice of materiality in order for the building to merge in with the
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