Math 101 Summary And Analysis

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Me and math been butting heads every since I was in elementary school; Math wasn 't my strong suit what so ever. Every time I was in math class in my early days me and a couple of my friends would always ask the teacher "why are we learning this," "we will never use this in our lives." Looking back on those days now I was wrong; we do need math in our life even the simplest form of math. I 've learned this semester that math is an essential tool in life; to communicate with others or to function in life we need math.
How I felt about Math
I never liked math ever since my first encounter with it in elementary school. It had too many numbers, I had to remember a lot of formulas, and it seemed like I had to think way to hard to understand a
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But to my surprise, I did pretty good and learned a lot of new things I can use outside the classroom. I never expected myself to do good in math; it was a total shock to me, the most shocking part of the whole thing was I exactly learn something I can use outside the classroom. My overall opinion on math being useless has changed dramatically ever since Math 103. Before I use to see math as black and white, ever since Math 103 I see multiple colors now, my mind is more open. Now I can explain to someone that doubts math, on why math is important to them and how it is an essential tool in their life. If I can have a change of heart towards math, anyone…show more content…
The number thing I learn that I took with me is probability. We, humans, use probability in our daily life, one thing we do every day that involves chance is planning for the weather. An example of this is, if there 's a 50 percent chance of rain, then the weather conditions are 50 out of 100 chance of rain. We may decide to wear safe rain clothes or wear shorts because of the 50 percent probability it will rain. For me personality, I 'm a sports guy, so I 'm always using probability when it comes to basketball to determine a player 's shooting percentage. Even the lower level math like adding and multiplication was important to me, and it should be useful for everyone because we use it every day. Any job we have has some type of math, most of the time it 's going to be lower level math, for me I worked this semester at a Burger King, so I needed to know adding multiplication, and subtraction on the fly. Math 103 made me understand adding, subtraction, and multiplication on the fly and it made me a better worker at my job.
It wasn 't easy for me in the beginning, but I pushed through and learned to appreciate math for what it is. Math 103 taught me so much thanks to the professors and tutors, I 'm grateful for that, and now with the knowledge I know now I can motivate or influence others on math and why it is
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