Math 30-1 Class Analysis

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Every day, my grandmother would wake me up at 6:45 AM so that I could get ready for school. Then, I would take a warm shower, eat eggs and bread for breakfast, and take the bus to school. My schedule for semester 2 consisted of Math, Biology, Physics and 3D Modeling. I originally had English but enrolled it in ADLC to lighten the weight of my coursework. Math was always my favorite subject in school ever since Elementary school. The subject fascinated me because it was not only about numbers; rather, it enabled me to think critically and analytically about the world itself. When I took Math 20-1 last semester, I, along with many other people, struggled with the course because it progressed much faster than Math 10-1. However, Math 30-1 has become much easier as I understood the material within fast pacing. The class reduced from its size from 50 students to 20 students because of the pacing, which was fine by me as I enjoyed classes with small amounts of people. Within the classroom itself, there were kites pasted on the top of the windows, plushy toys of Star Wars on the teacher’s desk and the clock with the numbers related to Math. The second subject was Biology, and within the classroom, there were diagrams and models of the human body…show more content…
His classroom had physics posters and a periodic table; he was also one of the few teachers that had a chalkboard rather than a whiteboard. When Physics actually started, the teacher would demand us to sit down and listen, and based off this, it seemed that he had a past experience as a lecturer in University. The method of his teaching was somewhat hard to follow, as he would usually be talking for most of the time. It also seemed that the teacher was always rushing to get the material finished on time, as last semester, he had failed to complete teaching physics on
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