Math Autobiography: My Experience To Teaching Mathematics

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"Math Autobiography" The importance of Math has been emphasized over and over by countless people. Although I am aware of its importance, I have never allowed myself to see the importance of it. Math, however, as I know, is a very important subject. It is a prerequisite for almost every area of life. This essay presents an overview of my personal experiences with Math, both positively and negatively, along with my overall attitude towards the subject and lastly, it will share how confident I am with my math skills. During primary school, creative skills were utilized in order to teach Mathematics effectively. My primary school was small and because of this, the teachers were often able to conduct lessons outside of the classroom. As a result…show more content…
Malcom X and I shared the same sentiments when he said, ‘I’m sorry to say that the subject I most disliked was Mathematics. I have thought about it. I think the reason was that Mathematics leaves no room for argument. If you made a mistake that was all there is to it.’ The situations I faced relating to mathematics in my past, forged my mind set today. Not being able to always have top scores when Math quizzes were taken or always have the correct answer in the classroom, led me to the conclusion that I was no good at Math. If I was, it would not require so much effort to complete courses. Being a person who possesses an aesthetic mind, also factored in. My feelings towards Mathematics were influenced greatly by many people. Some of my teachers had a positive effect on me in that, they tried to show me the importance of Math and how it is applicable to my life. Other teachers gave negative influence and was completely unware that they were doing so. As mentioned before, not being able to do and understand everything within the time frame that the teachers allotted, caused me to feel as though I was not smart enough to understand the concepts. Help was given from friends and peers when necessary whether in the form of assistance with given work or explaining concepts that were not understood. I came from a household where Math is abstained from on all sides. Growing up in this household, I quickly joined…show more content…
Currently, I am an Art teacher employed at one of the local secondary schools in Grenada, Mc Donald’s College. I do not teach math but it is used on a daily basis when I am grading papers, calculating grades and completing report cards for the students. Being a student studying for a degree in Early Childhood Education, Math is very important. In order to complete my studies, taking courses like Statistical Analysis1 (MA260) and Early Childhood Math and Science (EC400) are required. Math is useful in my career, because I will be responsible for teaching young children the fundamentals of Math which they will need to understand. The children will rely on the teacher to transmit the information which is necessary in their formative years. In addition, being able to understand and solve mathematical problems is not only necessary and important for me but also the young minds that I will help to develop. Math is also very necessary for day to day functions. Many people would say that they do not see how Math is necessary to certain aspects of life; although it is being used every day. When cooking and using recipes, Math is used when taking measurements to get the correct balance. Estimations are made daily as well as calculating the time. Simple things such as shopping or taking a bus involve Mathematics. Math skills is one of the areas that fall under the ‘must-have’ bracket. Life is much easier when one can navigate through the
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