Gender Stereotypes In Elementary Schools Essay

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In the first study about Math gender stereotypes in elementary school, the authors Cvencek et al. discuss the findings of the study. According to Cvencek et al. (2011), 121 boys and 126 girls completed implicit association tests and explicit self-report measures assessing the link between;
Me with male (gender identity)
Male with math (math-gender stereotype)
Me with math (math self-concept)
The research results showed that as early as second grade, children showed the stereotype that math is for boys on both explicit and implicit measures. In addition to tis, the results also showed that school boys identified with math more strongly than girls on both self-report and implicit measures. These results and findings of this study indicate that the math-gender stereotype is acquired early. Furthermore, the stereotype influences emerging math self-concepts prior to ages at which there are actual differences in math achievement.
The stereotypes found in this study is that the pervasive math-gender stereotype in American culture was found in elementary school children.
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The study focuses on the gender stereotypes and gender roles in popular media as portrayed on the television show Glee. According to Espinosa, depictions in the media can be understood and analyzed as knowledge material for assisting young people understand and accept themselves instead of giving in societal pressure of conformity. The results of this study show that when behavior does not match that of the stereotypical portrayals, people may feel like an outcast, experience low esteem, or feel bullied. Additionally, by recognizing gender stereotypes in the media, the society can start to demystify stereotypical behaviors and advance acceptance and

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