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Time and I went and observed Mr.Sundance’s math concepts class. Upon hearing that this class has students from different backgrounds and cultures, my preconception was formed. My preconception was based on previous experiments and it was that the class will be a big mess since not all students came from the same grade and age group. I have been in math classes where students came from different grades and the teacher has a really hard time teaching the class because the older students seem to understand concepts better than the younger students. This created a big gap in gardes that the students received as well as the speed in which they move on forward to the next concepts. However, after hearing that Mr.Sundance’s math concepts class is a special class, my preconception changed. I have never been in a class with special aid students before so I did not know how to form a preconception, but after all, I predicted that the classroom will be smaller compared to other classroom with special made materials.

The room was
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The most important thing that I learned was the fact that even through each students have their own needs, they all respected one another. When a student was talking, others listened and waited for their turn. When a student misbehaved in the classroom, other students did not seemed to judge him or her for it by rolling their eyes those that I saw in class before. The same thing apply to when someone needed something such as a rest. If a student got the answer incorrectly, others did not said “no” or roll their eyes, they simply waited for the student to retry again. I have never thought that being in a special classroom would be so peaceful and calm. I have not seen such a respectful classroom in a long time and I am happy that this kind of classroom still

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