Math Observation Essay

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Alina was observed during the morning in her third grade class. At the start of the observation, Alina appeared focused and engaged as she worked independently on a math assignment. After a few minutes, Mrs. Hippchen, Alina’s third grade teacher, reviewed the math answers to the class. As Mrs. Hippchen reviewed the answers and called upon students to provide answers, Alina appeared focused as she listened and wrote on her math worksheet. She occasionally looked over at a peer’s paper during the activity. When Mrs. Hippchen asked the students to raise their hands if they obtained the correct answer to a question, Alina raised her hand. At one point, Alina was called upon to solve a math problem. She incorrectly answered the question, however, with her teacher’s feedback, she was able to correct her answer.

Mrs. Hippchen then instructed the class to clear their desks to start a new math activity. Alina followed her teacher’s direction. As Mrs. Hippchen reviewed a math homework assignment to the class, Alina followed along appropriately. When the students were asked to draw a diagram to aid them in solving a problem, Alina appeared engaged as she drew on her paper. After the homework review, Mrs. Hippchen instructed the class to take out their math workbooks. Alina followed her teacher’s direction as she cleared her desk and pulled out her math workbook from her “cubby.” As Mrs. Hippchen taught the math lesson, Alina wrote in her workbook, listened to her teacher, and
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