Use Of Math In Correlated Subjects

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Significance of the Study:
This paper presents an argument and gives evidence to prove the claim that students should learn to determine the effective use of math in correlated subjects. The main purpose of the argument is to help the students learn the importance of effectively using math in order to apply them to other subjects so as to be more proficient in that aspect and help the students in their future career as math is a very important subject that needs to be approach skillfully.
Students should learn to determine the effective use of math in correlated subjects because it helps enhance a students’ awareness and interest in the said subject. It helps in developing the students’ interest in learning math and make them realize
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In addition to that, the goals of math education slowly starts to differ level by level, which as a result have made many children require the time from pre-school until grade 6 to completely get an understanding of basic math. The authors also stated that computations can often be done with a calculator but without properly learning math the use of calculators is rendered useless. Therefore, it was concluded that one must have a basic understanding of math before anything else and that the process of understanding it is long…show more content…
And without the use of math we would never be able to trace back our history, of how we came to existence. We were able to determine how long our ancestors where, how ancient living beings lived and from what time they were believed to live is all we were able to track it through the use of mathematics alone.
In light of the conclusion drawn, these are the following recommendations to be given:
1. Students should try their best in how they can utilize math in a way that will surely help them get an understanding of whatever career they are planning to take as learning how to utilize it in the right way is a huge benefit for their part.
2. Parents should be more knowledgable about the importance of math, and how it can affect their children in their studies so that they can effectively encourage their children to work harder in learning math.
3. School Administrators should prolong math periods despite students’ protest so they can effectively teach the students regarding math, they should also as well teach the importance, and the possible uses of math for their lives or even math history to make the students more engrossed in studying
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