Math Related Literature

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Significance of the Study:
This paper presents an argument and gives evidence to prove the claim that students should learn to determine the effective use of math in correlated subjects. The main purpose of the argument is to help the students learn the importance of effectively using math in order to apply them to other subjects so as to be more proficient in that aspect and help the students in their future career as math is a very important subject that needs to be approach skillfully.
Students should learn to determine the effective use of math in correlated subjects because it helps enhance a students’ awareness and interest in the said subject. It helps in developing the students’ interest in learning math and make them realize how beneficial it is for them to proficiently apply the techniques they’ve learned without drawbacks.
Preliminary Review of Related Literature: According to Queena (2004), math is astonishing, it’s useful, and most of all approachable to everyone. She further states that it plays a large part in daily life and it leads to many trades. In addition to that, it has a vital role in our culture, development, and the progression of humanity. Therefore she concludes that these are the facts that makes math an important subject and why it is so astonishing. Queena (2008), stated that mathematics played a vital role in the research and projects of the DOST’s Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. Queena posits

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