Math Test Should Be Shorter

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Math in general is hard, but to make things worse our tests are really long. I think having shorter math tests would be better for students. They should be shorter so you don’t have to study as much,you don’t have to stress, and you don’t have to rush through the tests. One reason math tests should be shorter is so you don’t have to study as much. One time I came home very late and I didn’t have that much time to study.But I studied anyway and I had to stay up very late.The next morning,I was so tired I did so poorly on the test.It is not good to stay up late because then you don’t do as well in school.In my experience it is better to have shorter tests.That is one reason us students should have shorter math tests. Another reason math tests should be shorter about it is.So you don’t have to stress.I worry a lot on my math tests.Studies show that something called anxiety is a type of stress. “In situation where the pressure is on and a good performance counts,people can become so anxious that they actually are unable to do their best.”Other examples are, “high school basketball players become very anxious before a big game or a student becomes extremely nervous before a recital.”This is another reason they should be shorter.
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