Ancient Greek Mathematics Essay

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Mathematics is certainly a mysterious subject which is a tool that can be used to solve the mysteries of nature and humanities as well. Inquiry into the subject sure reveals great insight. Spreading in all direction at present, the mysteries of nature is beginning to unfold before the eyes of men and is continuing, as there is no limit to learning and inquiry of men. Mathematical thought never developed in a century or by few people at one time but continually builds from the works of different people at different periods. This gives a brief view on the waning of Greek mathematics, and how it has influenced and contributed to the development of different people and empires leading toward the modern time.

Ancient Greek civilization is without
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Diophantus was an outstanding mathematician who wrote 13 books dedicated to algebra and arithmetic. Though he solved algebraic problems to order six in his books, did not follow a systematic approach. He could not advance further because of his notational handicap. Pappus was not an excellent mathematician but he sure produced some important mathematical results and made commentaries on the works of others before him. The last notable mathematician was a woman called Hypathia, who made several contributions, but was murdered by Christian mobs because her lectures attracted many audiences and sbe was believed to be spreading…show more content…
If the teachings of science and mathematics contradicted those of the religion, then the scientists and mathematicians were held accountable. These were the kind of trends that kept the Greeks and other great philosophers of the pre Christian era from advancing in scientific work. The greatest acknowledgement of the Christian church during the renaissance period is their realization and acceptance that scientific knowledge is different from faith and that it is useful in explaining natural phenomena. This ultimately cleared the way for scientific advancement on its own and also acknowledged how great the Creators works were. If only the early Christian people would acknowledge scientific inquiry on its own as a separate body of its own apart from paganism, modern men would make the moon his dwelling place by

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