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It is a commonly accepted fact that mathematics is hard, difficult and was given just a little bit of interest by certain people. Studying Mathematics automatically carry the reaction that people who are excellent in Mathematics are often called and viewed as extraordinary. Mathematics has significance over and on the use and utilization of basic numeracy skills. It is also an important way to enhance the higher-order cognitive skills of the learners as well as their logical thinking. Some of the major part of Scientific Fields Mathematics play includes Engineering and Physics. In connection to this, an essential goal of Mathematics Education in all ways is to create a positive reaction and attitude among the learners towards Mathematics.
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This kind of happening could make the learners to believe that they themselves will be unable to understand and has a low ability to understand Mathematics. This phenomenon is basically known as the “self-fulfilling prophecy”. Poor performances results to Mathematics Anxiety.
Programs regarding General Mathematics aims to provide the learners with the knowledge of Mathematics, in its widest through the use of its parts from the following mathematical divisions: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Statistics.
The fundamental in General mathematics majorly include the following: Statistics and Probability, calculus and algebra. In order to acquire the basic mathematics skills, learners are expected to explore and be exposed to different mathematical subjects that will serve as Analysis, abstract algebra, numerical analysis geometry and statistics.
With the use of techniques such as frequency counts, percentages and descriptive-survey research methods, findings that had been revealed in whole is that the respondents face and have their own personal issues relating to their family itself and even school expenses that is most likely heavy for the parents to give, lack of interest and even their attitude towards that Mathematics
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The problems in adjusting to classmates/board mates are how to be accepted by classmates and board mates, and working effectively with different kinds of classmates.
With regard to problems arising from over-extended schedule/workloads for practice in different competitions, the most common problems are too many academic tasks and projects assigned, and studying and reviewing too many subjects every day.
The aim of classroom assessment is to produce information that contributed to the teaching and learning process and assess in educational decision making.
The aim of the mathematical education is to help students become mathematically literate. This means that the individual can deal with the mathematics involved in real world problems as needed for that individuals current and future private life and occupational life and that the individual understands and appreciate mathematics as a scientific discipline.
Today 's learners will live and work in the 21st century, in an era dominated by computers by worldwide communications, and by a global economy ( Cosinto and Quizon, 2011). Jobs and businesses that contribute to the economy will require workers who are prepared to absorb new ideas, to perceive patterns, and to solve unconventional numerical

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