Mathematics In Secondary Education

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Mathematics is an important subject in secondary school education because it is associated with more academic and carrier opportunities (Akinsola &Tella, 2003). Ironically, this subject is the basis for scientific, industrial and technological advancement of any country. But it is very sad to note that the performance by the secondary school students are not up to the mark and students general impression is that it is a dreadful subject. Thus, mathematics learning and student’s performance in mathematics receive considerable attention from educators, teachers and parents. The 12th FYP (2012-17) also outlined the objective for secondary education is to ensure quality secondary education with relevant skills including basic competencies in Mathematics.…show more content…
Sanders and Sheldon (2009) claim that partnership and cooperation between homes and schools are important when it comes to Mathematics because how the parents socialise their children can greatly affect their children’s self-perception of their own ability and achievement. According to studies, children’s self-concept of their Math ability is more closely related to how their parents perceive their ability rather than the actual grades obtained (Sanders and Sheldon, 2009; Glasgow and Whitney, 2009; Bleeker and Jacobs, 2004). Bleeker and Jacobs (2004) claim these psychological effects to be important, since other evidence suggests that children’s self-perceptions influence their later carrier decisions. Olatoye & Agbatogun (2009) report that the findings of their study on the effects of parental involvement as a correlate of achievement in mathematics and science show that parental involvement is an important predictor of mathematics and science achievement in schools. Parental involvement at school (e.g. with school activities, direct communication with teachers and administrators) is associated with greater achievement in Mathematics and reading (Griffith, 1996; Reynolds, 1992; Sui-Chu & Willms, 1996). High maternal expectations for educational achievement are directly associated with higher student Math and reading score (Zhan, 2006). The literature regarding parental involvement and student Mathematics achievement has mixed findings. Such as, Dookie, (2013) conducted a study on secondary school students and found that there was no significant correlation (r=.025) between parental involvement and students’ Mathematics test score. A study conducted by the Society for Research in Child Development and published in the May-June, 2010 that the results reveal

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