Mathematics Manipulatic Concepts In Mathematics

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Mathematics is a subject most students at all levels dislike, if not fear. In fact, it is probably one of the most dreaded subjects by most students. Most of us are often unaware of the presence of mathematics. It permeates every aspect of life. It is present in everything we use especially in our modern world, such as our phones, clocks, our finances, even when we use the so-called internet. We are unaware because of its abstract concepts, but these abstract concepts are essential to the understanding and performance in mathematics. Many students find these abstract concepts difficult to understand, even the most basic ones. A possible reason could be their attitude towards mathematics, where oftentimes they perceive mathematics as hard to learn. To overcome this scenario, a teacher has to introduce other teaching strategies. One approach to help students understand abstract concepts is the
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They are concrete, hands-on models that appeal to the senses and can be touched by students. These materials should relate to a student’s real world (Schweyer, 2000). Examples of these are blocks, balls, box, etc. Manipulatives enable students and teachers to represent concretely the abstract concepts to prior knowledge. Manipulatives are already introduced in several academic institutions across the globe and widely used in all levels.
In most cases, classroom use of manipulatives has involved concrete or physical objects. However, with the advent of the advanced technology, digital or virtual manipulatives are born. These digital objects resemble physical objects and can be manipulated with the use of the mouse.
The mathematical manipulatives used in this study are physical objects and computer aided materials to represent the discussion and model the various solids on Solid

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