Mathematics: The Positive Importance Of Mathematics In Mathematics

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It is a commonly accepted fact that mathematics is difficult, obscure, and of little interest to certain people. The study of mathematics carries with it a stigma and people who are talented in mathematics are often treated as though they are quite normal. Mathematics has importance over and above the application of basic numeracy skills. It is also the prime vehicle for developing student 's logical thinking and higher-order cognitive skills. Mathematics also plays a major role in a number of other scientific fields, such as physics, engineering and statistics. In this connection, a positive attitude towards mathematics among students is an important goal of mathematics education in many jurisdictions.
Generally, it is an alarming observation among Filipino students that they excel in knowledge acquisition but fare considerably low in lessons requiring higher order thinking skills. This sorry state is evident in the performance of students in national and international surveys on Mathematics competencies.
Separate studies on the mathematics performance of preservice teachers (Philippine Daily Inquirer, 1988) and mathematics teachers on the 1993 and 1994 Professional Board Examination for Teachers (Ibe, 1995) reveal the same dismal picture of mathematics competencies of those who intend to teach it as well as those who have been teaching at the elementary and secondary levels.
In the same vein, Mathematics anxiety is the result of the student 's negative attitude or

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