Matheson Flight Extenders Case Study

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Matheson Trucking, Inc. vs. Matheson Flight Extenders warehouse workers
The discrimination case that I am discussing is the recent victory of five former and two current warehouse workers of Denver Colorado’s Matheson Flight Extenders, a branch of the Sacramento, California based-Matheson Trucking Company. This suit, stemming from incidents beginning in 2010, involved managers committing the atrocity of race discrimination, defamation of character, and demoralization.
My thoughts are intense anger at the treatment of these workers. What training or ethics class, or intro to being a decent human being did these managers miss? Moreover, how did upper management not put a stop to this outrage the very first time it was reported? I understand that investigations are required to verify the validity of an employee’s claim – but apparently, they chose to cover the conduct up, or did not complete the inquiry; thereby condoning the actions of those managers by lack of action. This only fueled their insolence and created an even bigger issue.
I definitely believe the jury made the right decision and handed down a verdict that would not only punish the actual managers, but also punished the company itself.
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An employee has the right to work in a safe environment, one that is free from hazards that could lead to serious harm. Causing dissention and the hostile work environment for employees created the potential for a violent incident to occur. At the very least, the potential for a costly mistake due to duress they were under, which could have caused physical harm. The defendants’ faced discrimination and retaliation based on their race. This appalling treatment violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and by doing so, invoked the Civil Rights Act of 1991 allowing the monetary damages
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