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In the short writing by Mathilda Tham "Of Mice and Lice and Women" the controversial relationship between nature and humans is discussed with humor and honesty. At the end Tham makes a statement "declar[ing] this risky awkward space open." By this she means that the area to which humans coexist with nature, is now obtainable to change. In other words Tham is discussing the proximity between nature to animals to machines, nature to humans to science, and specifically nature to humans to fashion. The focus of the risky space involves healing the power struggle between holistic and disturbing pieces of nature versus people and human kind. When discussing the space to which Tham describes as risky the main considerables are how humanity tends…show more content…
Resources such as bodily fluids, blood, rodents, and stains. These aspects are most commonly uncontrollable by humankind, resulting in people feeling a lack of power, and inferiority. Humans tend to fear emotions such as vulnerability,resulting in us attempting to limit mother nature's control in the universe in order to maintain our position of authority. Peoples irrational behaviors to specific aspects of natures can be further reinforced by examples of people screaming when they see a mouse or immediately scratching their heads at the mention of lice, which Mathilda Tham talks about. In the book “Marketing Lessons from Under the Influence” by Terry O’Reilly, forward by David Chilton, it talks about the creative process of making a good marketing campaign and a strong presentation. It states that there are “ways we [can] out maneuver our competitors” (O’Reilly, Chilton, 2017, p. 15). This quote is referring to the competitive environment that makes up the marketing world and the constant push to create campaigns that outsell competitors. This is relevant to the paper by Mathilda Tham because in the same way that Tham hints at how humans constantly search for new ways to outmaneuver and gain power over nurtures uncontrollables and create spaces that basically omit the underlying message of non living things allowed (except…show more content…
Armstrong describes shares how her grandparents, the Okanagan people, and her self use “terms for ‘insane’ and ;wild;...[to] describe deeds of the newcomers that make no sense to us…..[she has] felt that crisis as a personal struggle against an utterly pervasive phenomenon. [her] conflict has been to unremittingly resist its entrapment, while knowing that it affects every breath I draw” (Armstrong, 1995, p. 317). In this quote Armstrong is discussing how her people have long lasting generations tied to the land to which they come from, and when her ancestors and herself see giant skyscrapers and landfills replacing the land to which her ancestors nurtured, it's challenging. She is talking about the struggle of wanting to oppose the urbanization of reculterization of the Okanagan land, but at the same time realizing that it is a part of her life and resistment of not it affects both her life, her ancestors lives, and the lives of the people in the desk designing the tall scrapping buildings. This is relatable to “Of Mice and Lice and Women” through the challenge of humans not respecting the land, and nature to the point of not understanding it. In other words humans lack of understanding for the things that we can't control, our lack of respect in hopes of power in the way that when we see a mouse we scream is

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