Mathilde A Victim Of Fate

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In the story The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant, Mathilde is born with the yearning of all the finest luxuries and delicacies. Although she was not poor, she surrounded herself with rich folks that made her long for the finest items. When one day she borrows one of her friends’, Madame Forestiers’, necklace, presuming that it is genuine. Along with the necklace she and her husband, splurge in buying the finest gown as well. The day of the ball came, and everyone surrounds her, and this satisfies her desire to fit in. When they arrive home, the necklace is missing, and they work ten years to bury for another genuine diamond necklace, only to find out that it was fake. Mathilde longs for the desire to fit in, and needs to be liked and admired.…show more content…
She is given everything she needs to be happy. Mathilde is with a loving husband who will do anything for her. Unfortunately, Mathilde overlooks this due to her need for the finest things. Her husband’s love and money isn’t good enough for her, so she leads an unhappy life, which makes her husband feel the need to achieve her happiness. She is a victim of her own selfish desires because she feels the need to have everything, and she needs to fit in and be admired. Matilde’s decisions lead her to lose a fake diamond, which she thinks is real, and loses the important things in her life. Her husband works hard, to pay for the necklace, and at the end they find out that it is fake. So they lose money, and she loses her dignity and herself. This was fate due ever from the beginning of the story. She lives an unhappy life, needing the most expensive items. When she finally gets what she wants, she forgets about the man, who worked hard for all of it. This lead her to losing the necklace, and showing how her husband loves her enough to lose all of his money, and still find a way to love her. Mathilde has a great life, but overlooks the good things, with the need for more. She has a loving husband, enough money to live, and this isn’t good enough for her. The necklace in this story symbolizes Mathilde. It resembles all that she doesn’t have, and all that she desires. The idea that it is fake, shows the greed and sacrifice
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