Mathilde Maupassant Quotes

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Mathilde Loisel is the most egocentric character I have ever read about. She only cares about herself, and no one else. The author, Guy de Maupassant, develops the character of Mathilde through her actions, dialogue, and personality. Firstly, “He threw over her shoulders the wraps she had bought, the modest wraps of common life, the poverty of which contrasted with the elegance of the ball dress.” (pg. 4) Mathilde was so self conscious about her appearance that she refused to let any other women see her in modest wraps. She went to such extents to run away in the cold to a shabby cab so nobody see’s her. Her husband most likely worked hard so they could buy that wrap, so it was VERY rude of her. Secondly, on page 3 the text states “ It annoys me not to have a single piece of jewelry, not a single ornament, nothing to put on.” Mathilde is expressing to her husband that she would rather not go the ball at all since she has no…show more content…
2) So, Mathilde would rather not be around or visit her good friend because when she comes home she feels sorry for herself for she does not have all the things her friend does. When she does this, she is not only affecting herself, she is affecting her husband, and her friend. Her friend does not get to spend time with her anymore, and her husband has to deal with her bad mood. In conclusion, Mathilde is a self- absorbed character that never learned her lesson. She makes multiple mistakes throughout the story, yet she blames them on other people. Mathilde was the one who lost the necklace, but her husband is the one that looks for it while she is just sitting at home. Also, her husband was the one that payed off the debt, and gave up the 1800 francs that his father left for him. All in all, Mathilde's character is developed by her actions, dialogue, and
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