Matsushita Biography

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A hero rises in the east and takes the world by storm! This is the story of a young boy thrown into poverty at age four, left alone to survive after the early deaths of family members, an apprenticeship which demanded sixteen-hour days at age nine, all the problems associated with starting a business with neither money nor connections, the death of his only son, the Great Depression, the horror of World War II in Japan, a political career and more. This is the tale of a phoenix who rose from ashes. A saga of the entrepreneurial dream of a boy who literally gained his riches from rags and went on to create what we would call, a start-up; today known as Panasonic!
In a fascinating and instructive book on how, instead of being ground down by
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It brings home the idea of creating a stable organizational flow pre hand, creating efficient hierarchy, standardizing product and creating flawless market feedback based improvement mechanisms.
If you are looking to diversify your portfolio, Matsushita offers you strategy, motivation and process to do so. From sockets to complex electrical and electronics equipment, he developed a range of products to cater to market needs and kept a sharp eye on pricing. Market positioning, a concept still not so popularly focused in the east back then, was always at the prime focus of this visionary leader. This book throws a fresh light on how critically IPR was perceived even in early 1900s, how Matsushita traded exclusive selling rights of his products to a wholeseller against a yen 3000 loan then!
This is the story of a company which knew what it meant to focus on core competency, for which the pendulum swung from near disaster to prosperity in almost no time. Springing Frugal innovation techniques, whether splitting the office in two horizontal planes or creating a trend of hiring regular, young live-in apprentices, this read offers you a number of tracks to cost-cut and be increasingly productive. Practical glance on negotiation techniques and potential market outreach schemes comes
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It tells us much about leadership, entrepreneurship, a drive for lifelong learning, and their roots. A man with almost- zero capital, zero health and zero education revolutionized the way people, and corporations behaved and inspired many. It demonstrates the power of a long-term perspective, clarity in goals, and humility in the face of great success. Matsushita Leadership is both a biography and a set of lessons for careers and corporations in the 21st century. An inspirational story and a business primer, the implications are powerful, for organizations and for living a meaningful life. If you are beaten down, monotonous and have lost hope or are a mediocre or an achiever with mighty aim, this is where you will find
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