Matt Corby Brother Analysis

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Matt Corby is a 25 year old singer/songwriter from Australia. Released on November 11th of 2011, Matt Corby 's “Brother” has become his most popular song to date. Matt Corby states that the song “came from a little sort of quarrel I had with a really close friend this year. It 's a pretty dark time for me, I think I really just wasn 't being myself. Me and one of my really good mates fell out, and it was because of something really stupid I did.” The beautifully produced song achieved 6x platinum by 2013 and is nothing short of impressive. From the start it is obvious that the man has incredible vocal talent. With the writing capabilities Matt Corby has, the listener is never driven to boredom and is kept wondering what will come next. It is beyond question that Matt Corby’s “”Brother” is full of raw talent and emotion. Matt Corby 's “Brother” is a musical journey. Throughout many moments…show more content…
It is evident that Matt Corby does not slack off in other areas of his music just because of his prodigious singing skills. Both the structure and the melodic content of the song are musically captivating; whether or not the listener is a trained musician. Being far from repetitive, the song includes several instruments including the guitar, piano, bass guitar, and percussive elements. With slight variation to the melodies in different sections, the listener 's attention is never lost. Each instrument introduces their own melodies and subtleties throughout the entire track, along with the melodies created by his own voice. The transitions seem to be placed with a purpose, not one seeming out of place or sudden. If you have been craving a new, one of a kind artist, then Matt Corby may fulfill your needs. “Brother” is a musical journey filled with sincere emotion and raw talent. The piece is full, explosive, and is what gave to the rise of the ridiculously talented musician. With awe-inspiring vocal and melodic content, it is undeniable that the song is an impressive piece of
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