Matt Farberov's Case Summary

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Please note the following information is considered confidential. We have received a request by one of our members under probation to have his status reviewed. Matt Farberov became a member on October 25th, 2014. However, shortly after he became a member, the chapter became aware that he was criminal charged in an incident that occurred near ASU and involved the death of an ASU student. The incident was on local news media. The member was placed on “Probation” status with the chapter as decided by the other chapter officers and me at the time. Farberov was also under probation with ASU due to the incident. Farberov was apparently one of the hosts of the party and collected money from students entering the party. Matt Farberov was aware that some of the students were drinking underage and was criminally charged with an underage alcohol offense (misdemeanor). The vice president at the time and I both interviewed Matt Farberov about the incident who said he was fighting the charge. However, Farberov was found guilty…show more content…
He is still a student at ASU and under the 4+1 program. Farberov sent us an email a few weeks ago showing he has completed his probation status with the court and requested to have his suspension lifted (See attached). After conferring with our Advisor Gary Sweeten, I decided to change his status from “Suspension” to “Probation.” Farberov was not pleased with this decision as he will not be allowed to wear APS regalia for Master’s graduation this Spring. (See below). As such, I am asking all of you to review the facts of the matter and give your recommendation or thoughts. Also, we follow similar procedures to ASU’s SSR and UHB. As a University Hearing Board member, we have followed rules similar to both ASU SSR and UHB in this matter. ASU typically places students under probation status when their suspension status is

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