Matt Hardy Monologue

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PROLOGUE: It was the night of WWE Homecoming when Matt Hardy lost the Loser Leaves RAW Match and the same night that I became an official wrestler. During the match, Lita and I had an encounter which I succeeded in until she hit me in the head with a steel chair while I was trying to untangle Matt Hardy from the ropes. Edge and Lita won the match that night and Matt had to leave RAW for good…It saddened me in a way because I felt that him and I were just getting closer even though our relationship was strictly professional. I sensed the small chemistry among us while we worked together. One time I even attempted to kiss him good luck before a match, but he stopped me…we knew it wouldn’t have worked out. His break up was still eating away…show more content…
While prepping myself up for my upcoming match, I hear a sinister laugh coming from the television next to me. I slowly turn my head to view what seems to be a promo. There was a man with the evil of the world in his eyes who forcefully summons fire up from each corner of the ring then destroying people with no mercy…I was mesmerized from the non-stop torture he gave to his opponents with vigorous strength and from the horrid sounds that took place every time his face would appear. It was difficult to even scrutinize who he was since the screen kept getting more red whenever his face would appear, and made his face look disfigured…or is that how he really looks like? I thought to myself. I felt a tight knot in my abdomen and chills from my head to my feet. I didn 't move a muscle until it ended with the words and a his voice saying “I’m Back” following another heinous laugh and the words “Next Monday” appeared shortly after. Whoever this superstar was coming back to Raw really aroused my curiosity and made me wonder who the hell was this person I just saw. He seems kind of familiar I…show more content…
Bish—“ I attempted to persuade him to let me manage someone other than this poor excuse for a wrestler but he cuts me off and says, “If you don’t do this, I will make sure that you will never get a chance for future opportunities in the ring. Or worse…you will be FIRED. So I suggest that you do what you do to help Carlito’s team win tonight which by the way is happening right now. Good luck.” And with that, he left. That night The team of Carlito, Edge (with Lita) and Kurt Angle defeated the team of John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and The Big Show. I quickly left the ring and headed backstage right after the match was over. The last thing I wanted was to cheer with a bunch of undeserving superstars who doesn 't even care about the WWE. I went into the locker room and just sat on the bench looking up at the ceiling. I turn my head to the television next to me and thought about the promo I encountered earlier… that man in the promo…I couldn’t wait for the following week to come…Next Monday I thought.
CHAPTER 1: The week was finally here. I impatiently wait in the locker room watching every single match tonight to finally see who it was in that mysterious promo that I encountered last week. I have waited all night, and it felt like waiting a lifetime. He hasn’t shown up at all. The main event was about to happen next..the 18-Man Battle Royal. He has to be in this main event tonight. I watch as Eric Bischoff was about to introduce the last man to enter the ring…The
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