Who Killed Garson Talmadge Character Analysis

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Matt Kile is the lead character in the Matt Kile series of detective crime fiction by American novelist David Bishop. Bishop published the first novel in the Matt Kile series Who Murdered Garson Talmadge in 2011 to much commercial success. After the runaway success of the first novel in the series, Bishop would go on to publish several more titles in the still ongoing series. The lead character in the series is Matt Kile, an ex-police officer turned private investigator that works a variety of cases in his hometown. Kile is unlike your typical hardboiled detective as he is a happy man who loves his work and gives his all for his clients. Similar to the author, the lead is an author who writes mysteries and works as a private investigator in…show more content…
His thoughts take him from his violent past, his life in prison, and the characters he has been involved with in the past. In his life as a private investigator, he moves from the US, to the UK and continental Europe and works with criminal defenders, business lawyers, ex-convicts, thugs, and police officers in trying to solve a range of mysteries. Kile is painted as a person vulnerable to his passions, which mainly involve women though he is overall a knowledgeable and charming man. In his past life, Kile had been married and had children who are mentioned from time to time. In his current life, the closest thing to a family that he has is his relationship with the Fidgery family who are his best friends. The novels have the usual twists and turns that often leaves the reader wondering and trying to find clues about not only the mystery but also trying to understand what Matt Kile will unearth from his investigations. The Matt Kile series are masterful mysteries that provide engagement by looking into the life of a former detective and ex-convict who turns his life around to become a skillful writer. Through Matt Kile, we understand the morality of a man who has been on both side of the crime divide and still manage to come out on

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