Matt Stewart Jail Break Analysis

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The writer Matt Stewart, in the story jail break, has tried to convey the message that perception can sometimes be devious. As we all know that a person’s perception is based on his/her thoughts, perception might not always be right. In the story, the main character Jason overcomes by the thought that his son was going to be faulty when he turns fourteen. The writer has done a pretty good job in showing a scenario where almost everyone went bad or violent during that age. The characters like Caitlin, the mother, his siblings serve as a background story to certify Jason, that fourteen is a dangerous age. The writer Matt Stewart uses simple words and scenario to bring light to a whole big picture. He hasn’t used any kind of subtle symbols to make his point. We can classify jail break as a straightforward but significant and well written story. Starting the story with a conversation, the writer puts the reader in a certain suspenseful situation. The uncertainty of what the story is going to lead to makes it more interesting. I believe the writer was aware of the situation and he did it on purpose. And he was successful in accomplishing his goal. The writer has tried to share his thoughts through conversations.…show more content…
He let his perception blur the real world that is really the truth. Perceptions can be bad because it leads people into insanity. A little use of perception is not a problem but too much is not good. The mistake Jason did was he predicted the future like his son was going to do the same mistakes as he is going to do. That cannot always be true. Because he made that mistake he made the last impression to his son worse than he thought he could make. At the end Jason realizes that what he done was a mistake. The writer matt stewart has tried to show the importance reality in life. Not everything goes as plan or as predicted. So it is for the best that perceptions should be kept to one
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