Mattel Case Study

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Introduction Mattel is one of the largest toy product company, it start its operation in 1945. Elliott Handler and Harold Matson were known as the founder of Mattel. Mattel start its operation with wood products, they produce dollhouse furniture with the scraps from frame market. Mattel sold their products in more than 150 countries. It has its manufacturing operations in china, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. Mattel also have some contractors in USA, Europe, Far East and Australia. After the World War׀׀ Mattel got opportunity to make his unique place in market. Mattel face some problems in its early operations like cost control, price competition and product quality. These problems taught Handler some lessons to avoid these problems and they also realize that children participation is necessary for their product quality. First time Mattel introduced the advertising strategy to sell toys and this technique brought a revolution in toy market. Through advertisement Mattel become a well known brand in the market. In 1959 Mattel introduced the best selling toy Barbie Doll. The idea of Barbie Doll was introduced by Handler. After the success of Barbie, Mattel introduced the first talking doll named Chatty Cathy. In 1963 Mattel was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Key Problems: Recently Mattel has to face many problems that affect their sale badly as we know company officials admit that Mattel’s Barbie sale decreasing continuously. Furthermore the competitors
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