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External environment A STEEPLE analysis will be used to examine the external environment Mattel operates in today. Social The growing support for equal rights around the world and the empowerment of women has shaped business operations around the world. Many movements concerning diversity and multiculturalism have also become worldwide issues addressed in society. The Body Positivity movement, the basic idea of “all bodies are good bodies”, has become an increasingly discussed topic in the past few years, pressuring companies to display a more realistic view of peoples bodies, especially women’s. As Barbie has been criticized mostly for its proportions, the new Fashionistas line gives Barbie a more realistic body, to represent the diversity…show more content…
Mattel has also had other accusations related to unethical environmental behavior. Mattel has said that it still uses polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic in its products, due to its high quality. The use of PVC means that Mattel toys cannot be recycled, which may be a point of conflict for customers who would rather buy recyclable toys from rivals such as Hasbro or Lego who use less or no PVC. Back in 2011 Mattel was under criticism for using paper from rainforests to produce the pink boxes for Barbie and causing deforestation. Criticized of being unaware of where the pink boxes came from, Mattel has developed sustainable sourcing principles for it’s…show more content…
With increasing concern for ethical business behavior, customers are more loyal to companies with ethical business practices (figure 11). Ethical business behavior and diverse ethical business model is especially important to MNCs, due to the unified values of global consumers. Mattel publishes an annual Code of Conduct, which outlines their responsibilities towards internal and external stakeholders, as well as a Global Citizenship Report, first published in 2004, every 2 to 3 years. The core values of Mattel are centered around the word “play”, with four core values, “we play fair, play with passion, play to grow and play together”. Mattel was named one of the “World’s most Ethical Companies” by Ethisphere Magazine in 2015 and was included in Corporate Responsibility Magazine’s “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list in

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