Matter Of Class In The Book Class Matters

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Matter of Class During the book Class Matters we read about people 's perspectives of class and how they feel about it. Just in between 2 chapters you can see how people feel about their class and the improvement they want to do to reach a higher class. In chapter 4 Mae tells us about her living with her family and in the house she lived in didn’t have any plumbing inside and at times they didn’t have anything to eat, so her half-brother had to go out and kill some squirrels to eat. On the other hand on chapter 13 it talks about every class and how people have good successful businesses, and yet their businesses come to a point where they crash. For theses people it might be a hard change from either going to lower to higher or higher to lower class.…show more content…
i believe people that come from a lower class tend to become more determined to their success. They really put in their effort because they witness what their parents are going through and how it affects them (the kids), however not all lower class people tend to become as successful do to the fact that they see their parents not doing as much and have minimum wage paid job, so they think it okay for them to do the same thing as their parents. But it shouldn’t be this way just because when the kids have kids they are going to go through what they did, probably not as but in a way they will. If they have a chance to get a free education and if that means only through high school is still better than anything because they can get a good pay job. In chapter 4 it stated “I think class is everything, I really do”(pg. 65). This shows that people to take the education
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