Matthew 24-45-51 Research Paper

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Throughout the book of Matthew you can read many sermons that tell of Jesus ' life. There are also many parables that portray many important occurrences in our day to day lives. Matthew 24:45-51 explains how Jesus was preparing His disciples to live a faithful life until he returns again. Matthew 24-25 has many concerns about Jesus and his disciple. Matthew 24:24-51 is the main passage of scripture that includes the importance of always being faithful. When we read these seven verses and the passages of scripture in the before and after verses, we see how Jesus is preparing his disciples, including us, for the future. In the first few verses of Matthew 24:45-51 Jesus tells his disciples a story about how remaining faithful until the very end…show more content…
In Matthew 24:36-44 Jesus talks about the end time and when he will come again. He shares about how now one knows when Jesus is coming not even the angels or Jesus himself. Only God knows. Matthew 25:1-13 is a parable of the ten virgins. This parable tells the story of ten virgins, five who are ready with lamps and five who are not ready. This is portraying the way that some people are ready for God to come at any minute and how other people are not ready at all. These stories all tie together. They all equally share the importance of following God and trusting in him even when the date and time final destination is unclear. Throughout all three of these stories we see the importance of being faithful to Jesus. All three stories are great reminders of the way we should be living our lives. Remaining faithful to God can be very simple as long as you remain in communication with him. Constant prayer and reading the Bible can help you maintain faithful. We should live our lives in constant awareness that Jesus could come back to earth at any moment. We should always be fully prepared for time that he returns. I pray that we all will live our lives
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